EDA tools in the Amazon EC2 Cloud
The Silicon Blocks, Inc. (SBI) Nuvem Design Verification solution is created with open-source software, packaged as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), running in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) server instance. 

Nuvem is very well suited for intellectual property (IP) and sub-block development within a larger ASIC design. Open-source coupled with inexpensive cloud services provides an extremely low-cost on-demand design verification solution.

About Nuvem:

The Nuvem platform is an AMI that can be deployed using AWS as single-instance or multi-instance clusters. Each instance is a fully integrated ASIC development environment with the following tools pre-installed and tested to work well together.

  • Centos 6.4
  • gtkwave 3.3.63 waveform viewer

  • SBI’s Nathair python-based ASIC development environment

Getting started is easy - just follow the steps in the getting started document to create your own AWS account, launch a cluster, log into an instance, and start experimenting with the project examples.

Nuvem is created with an infrastructure for simple/secure provisioning, control, status, and data gathering from Cloud resources.  It is a vetted set of open-source EDA tools that have been tested to work together, including Verilog simulator, high-level-verification open-source tools, waveform viewer, code-coverage, and more.

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How it works

Because of very low cost-of-use, clusters can be scaled to as many instances as necessary in order to achieve a desired regression execution time (limited only by the single longest running job). Think of this as flexibly scalable simulations at your fingertips.  Generally open-source simulators are slower than high-end commercial grade simulators, however, coupled with the SBI Nuvem AMI, very high performance regressions can be achieved at costs that are truly pennies per hour.

Your data is always secure

All data transport between your site and AWS servers is secured using the standard set of Amazon mechanisms, including SSL certificates, SSH, and reverse IP/MAC authentication. For more information, please read the Amazon Web Services Security White Paper. Further, all "data-at-rest" i.e. written to disk on AWS resources is always stored within an encrypted file system using the AES-256 cipher. And when your cluster is decommissioned, even this storage is automatically deleted.  If you would like to discuss data security, please complete the contact form and we will schedule a call with you.