Service EDA tools in Amazon EC2 Cloud
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Silicon Blocks offers custom services that help companies place their Electronic Design Automation tools in the Amazon EC2 cloud.  Silicon Blocks has created a cloud solution we call Nuvem™ that is powered by open-source EDA tools and is available to Amazon users for free*.  

If you are new to cloud computing and want to check it out to determine how it would benefit you, please give Nuvem a try. From the solution page, there is a clear and detailed Getting Started document that will walk you through each step in the process.  

How can you use the cloud if you are using commercial EDA tools? 

So long as your EDA tool vendor license enables your use of the tools at multiple sites served by your license server, then we can help you create a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI). This new AMI will capture your design tools and flow and use your EDA tool license keys as hosted from your internal license manager.  By having this cloud-based solution of your internal tools, as your design and verification demand peaks, you can simply leverage as many cloud servers of any size as you need to satisfy your project demands.  

Complete this form if you are interested in discussing the process of placing your EDA tool suite into the Amazon cloud.  

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* When using the t1.micro Amazon server.  With new Amazon accounts, users get 700 hours of use with t1.micro for free, other users pay 2 cents per hour.  See Amazon's site for details.