Open Source EDA Tools In The Cloud

Silicon Blocks, Inc. offers an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Design Verification platform based on open-source tools.  The primary goal of this platform is to enable electronic engineers a fast and reliable way to get started using open-source tools in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  

If you have had experiences with the Amazon Web Service Cloud environment, you would know that it is powerful, infinitely scalable and very inexpensive.  By combining it with open-source tools, Silicon Blocks is bringing the cost of verification tools down to nearly free!  When using AWS, users start an AWS server based on an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).  Silicon Blocks calls our AMI Nuvem™ (for cloud). 

New users to AWS can try this environment for free.  New AWS users get 750 hours of EC2 running Linux/Unix “Micro Instance” usage for free per month (according to Amazon).  Silicon Blocks does not charge any fee to use our Nuvem AMI on the Micro Instance.  You can view the Nuvem AMI page for a list of pricing by hour for faster Amazon Instances.  

The Nuvem AMI is ideal for:

  • Companies that are looking for a cost effective way to perform Verilog simulation in the cloud and want the ability to test it for free, or
  • University faculty and students who are looking for a free powerful ASIC or FPGA verification platform. 

Only after users see the value and want to run regressions with multiple instances and larger servers is there any fee from Amazon and only 10 cents an hour fee for using the Nuvem instance, all billed seamlessly through your Amazon account.   

 Nuvem is a comprehensive open source design verification solution built with open-source tools that we have packaged and pre-tested in a design verification flow.  We make this platform available to you as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) running in a Linux operating system environment.  

Try Nuvem for free by using this getting started guide

Silicon Blocks also offers development of custom AMIs for businesses.  If you have a need for a customized verification or DSP platform in the cloud, please complete the services request form and we will get back to you within one business day to schedule a call.